Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans: A Recap

I can't remember the last day I let pass without posting on the blog. And somehow, I let a whole weekend go by?! What is wrong with me?

My deepest apologies for my absence. I was in Santa Barbara, living life, having a blast, and was not sitting around on my laptop per usual.

Recap time!

I took Friday off work, drove to SB, got mani/pedis with the Biff, and then we had a classic SB night seeing a movie on the courthouse lawn. We watched "North By Northwest" while cuddled up with pillows and blankets on the grass under the stars, drinking champagne and eating cookies, and it was pretty fucking magical.

Saturday morning, we went to the beach and I taught a yoga class for the Biff. It was great practice and so much fun. She put herself in the mind of a beginner and it was super helpful to see how my cues were interpreted by someone who knows yoga but was pretending not to. Plus, the puppies were very helpful as well.

Then that evening I attended yet another wedding! One of my friends from high school married her best friend and boyfriend of something like six or seven years, and it was an absolutely beautiful event. She was overjoyed (and tipsy), he was beaming with pride (and drunk as well), and it was just a love-filled event full of dancing and laughing and....drinking.

Sunday there was brunch with the Biff, teacher training (at which I got some great feedback from my instructor on my presence), then another date with this new boy. Yup. Four dates in a week. He might like me.

We went to trivia again with his friends, then it turned out that motherfucking Dave Chappelle was doing an impromptu set at the boy's improv theater just down the street, so we ran over there and caught the last hour of his stand-up. So. Much. FUN! Such a classic LA night. I was stoked on it.

Oh yeah, and I'm kinda stoked on the boy too? Maybe?

So that was my weekend.

I'm exhausted.


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