Friday, July 5, 2013

Freedom Day

Gosh, sorry y'all. I was off living life yesterday, and I'm sure you just missed me terribly.



I hope you all enjoyed your day of freedom from work (hopefully) and from the British (WOO!). You know, personally, I can take or leave the 4th of July, as a holiday. It's okay. But I enjoyed myself yesterday.

My parents throw a party every year due to their excellent view of the Santa Barbara fireworks, and of course I usually attend. Plus my sis and her boyfriend were in town for the weekend, along with her pup.

I'm always happy to help my mama out in the kitchen, so I spent the first part of the party there, and the second part drinking a bottle of wine.


But let's not talk about wine, let's talk about food. And freedom. (I did go to the new SB CorePower yesterday, and freedom was the theme chosen by the instructor. FREEDOM!)

That whole introducing food groups slowly? Didn't work. Freedom is hard. But, you know, nothing has affected me awfully terribly. So that's good news.

Also in good news: I actually can handle freedom, in some ways. I have not gone crazy on portions, or on options. I had a few things the last two days that stray away from the way I've been eating the last month, but I wasn't tempted to go hog wild and binge on anything or everything. I was content to eat like a person.

Win for me.

Freedom tastes great.


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