Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I'm a motherfuckin' dating MACHINE.

Met me a new boy last night for sushi dinner. Delicious. The sushi, not the boy. I didn't taste him.


Let's start over.

I'm a motherfuckin' dating MACHINE! I saw Mr. Improviser (MI) on Sunday and Monday, then this new guy yesterday. I am such the busy little bee. A slutbee. Bee for boys. BEES!

I'm on a dating high.

*deep breaths*

See, I haven't told you the deal with MI, I don't think. He's part of a traveling improv team who tour colleges (hence the new nickname), and they're actually based out of Chicago. He's from LA and technically lives here, but during the touring season he's you Chicago, or living on a bus. On our first date I apparently misunderstood him when he said how long he was in town for, because it turns out he leaves soon. Like, August 5th soon.

No wonder he's wanted to see me so much.

I quite honestly am not bummed about this. I've enjoyed spending time with him, and will continue to see him till he leaves if he's so inclined, but in the week we've been seeing each other I haven't developed any real feelings or precursor to feelings. I him. He's nice. But I'm not invested and I'm not attached, so it's probably for the best that he leaves sooner rather than later to go make people laugh, and I can move onto shiny new bees.

Am I the bee, or are they? I really don't know where I've gone with this joke.

SO ANYWAY. New guy seems sweet. He's the first one I've met off of, so basically my mother bought him for me. He has a real job, none of this Hollywood crap. He's not really my "type", if I even have a type, but you know, nice and employed is a good type, so let's go with that. He already asked me to see a movie with him this weekend, so he earns points for being forward.

Let's hope this bee doesn't sting.

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