Monday, July 15, 2013


How many boys does one have to date on in a one week period in order to achieve slut status? 'Cause I may or may not be approaching the cut-off. And I like it.

After Friday night's date numero dos with My Repeat, I had a first date last night with a brand new boy! I'm such a motherfucking pimp. This one liked me, I could tell. I mean, I usually think they like me and I usually am wrong, but this one already asked me out for Tuesday and next Sunday, so I'm pretty confident in my assessment.

He bought me dinner. I've never had a first date buy me dinner before, so he definitely gets a few points there. Cute, nice, good conversationalist. After our meal, he took me to a trivia night and introduced me to some of his friends. I know, right? Showing me off. Or, soliciting opinions. One of the two.

Look at me.

Sluttin' it up.


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  1. I think I have those owl earrings! I knew there was a reason why I thought you had great taste.

    Yay for good dates!