Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lather, Rinse, Repeat


I went out on a first date last night (more on this later) and came home to find my inbox chock full of messages. I changed my main picture yesterday, so I guess I popped up on everyone's homepage or something and they were all, "HEY-O!" Or something.

Anyway, so I'm scanning through the emails, not particularly taken in by any of them. And I recognize a profile name. And I click to read.

And O.M.G.

Once again, I have been found by someone I've dated before.

"Heya. We went out a couple of times last year at some point. To my recollection, I think it petered out due to me being an awkward mofo and/or an idiot. Does this ring a bell? However, my gut tells me that maybe we should hang out again. Your laugh was pretty cool." 

Seriously, what is the Internet but a giant recycling bin? Do I really make that much of an impression, or are the pickings really just that slim? Should I be totally embarrassed that this guy and I met off of OKC, and he messaged me now on Match? Should this guy and my other repeat get together and have a threesome?

These are my questions.

So, the deal with this dude is that he was the first one I went out with last year when I started up with OkCupid. I remember our second date came the day after my first date with the Ginger, and I was so totally enamored with that boy I was barely present on our outing. After getting his message I started wondering if maybe I didn't give him a fair shot, then I had an epiphany.

I was blogging back then! Perhaps my own thoughts on this boy are at my fingertips, waiting for me. Aaaand yup. I reference him here and here (Bachelor #1).

And I quote:

"...he was a little too fixated on how much and how fast he could drink, we barely had any chemistry, conversational or otherwise, and honestly...he had a little bit of Nerd Voice. I can't handle NV."

Now, the chemistry thing can be explained away with my preoccupation with The Ginger. But as for the rest...yeah. I don't think I need to be rinse/repeating on this one.



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