Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ms. Carrie Okey


I sang karaoke.

*pause for gasps*

How did this happen, you might wonder? Well, the boy I went out with on Sunday, he who introduced me to his friends, insisted we were going to sing karaoke on our second date. I told him in order for this to go down, he was picking me up and getting me drunk. Obviously he didn't have a problem with this.

I. Was. Fucking. Petrified. All. Damn. Day.

When he picked me up, I told him this. I believe my exact words were, "You created a situation in which I was nervous for our date, and not in a good way. Nice job."

I'm such a bitch.

He told me I didn't have to sing, but I spent all day yesterday Googling karaoke songs and singing to myself in the car because I AM A GODDAMN NERD, and I picked a fun song in my range, and I sang dammit. And people sang along and cheered, and according to my date I did awesome. Though he has to say that.

But I declare it was a success. My biggest fear did not come true: I did not fall off the stage.

Oh, what did I sing?

So yes, the date itself? Fun! Totally out of my comfort zone, which is definitely a good thing. We laughed and talked and you know, flirted. It was date-ish. As for the guy? I think I like. He's sweet and simple (not in a bad way) and seems sincere. I enjoy his company. Which is the whole point, right?


And he wants to see me again, ASAP. That certainly fluffs up the ego.

Which is also the point.

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