Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hot In The Valley

It was 100 degrees on my dashboard when I stopped for Chipotle today.

Pretend I didn't say that. I shouldn't have had Chipotle.


I'm camped out in the Valley for the weekend, housesitting for The Married Couple and babysitting Gracie and their new addition, the fabulous feline Bluebird with her gorgeous multicolored eyes!

Oh, and I'm taking care of the chickens too. Brown and Gray. Brown was being a bitch and wouldn't go in their house at bedtime. But I finally corralled her. 

It's a wonderfully convenient coincidence, because yoga training this weekend is at the Encino studio, so I'm in the area. We're gathered with the two trainings going on at other locations and focusing on anatomy this weekend. My brain is overloaded. I'm not so good with the science.

I'm tucked up on the couch, watching a DVD and prepping to study my sequence until bed once it's over. Four hours of lectures and demos. Muscles! Bones! Compression! Extension!

Bluebird joined me. Gracie's bored. She did get a walk though!

A perfectly lovely Saturday. 

But hot.

No like hot.

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