Friday, July 12, 2013

The Re-Date

Last night I went out for drinks with the blast from the past who emailed me last month. We hadn't spoken in awhile, and I was bored and needing some date action, so earlier this week I messaged him on Facebook and just said, "So when the hell are we hanging out?"

Last night, apparently.

I got purty.

We met at my favorite local bar.

Love when they come to me.

He asked at the end of the date why I gave him a second shot, when he was likely at fault for not following up after our last date, you know...three years ago. (I mean, it's allllways the dude's fault, right? Right.) I told him it was pure, unadulterated curiosity. I'm glad I'm such a curious kitty. Because we had a pretty great time.

I feel remarkably comfortable with him. There wasn't even a tiny bit of me that felt like I needed to impress him, or be anything more or less than just my goofy, good-natured self. We bantered, we joked, we were completely honest with each other (or hey, at least I was). I didn't censor myself, or consider any topic off limits. I guess I didn't feel like I was approaching it like a "date" so much as I was engaging him on a friend level, which probably makes for a better start, don't you think?

Of course, there was certainly non-friendshippy elements too. Ahem.


He asked me out again for tonight. No doubt prompted by the fact that I mentioned how much I liked how forward TS was by initiating a second date immediately. See? Boys listen!

So, yeah. All went well. I'm really trying not to over-think things like I usually do, just take them as they come and enjoy his company. Who knows? We could be friends, we could be more, but it certainly makes for a great story.

Which is really why I do most everything at this point.

So I have shit to write about.

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  1. Awesome! I love when you give someone a second chance and things work out. I've been on first dates with a few guys I met online, and then after months of not hearing anything, I randomly messaged them. Sometimes life gets in the way and people get busy.