Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday, July 1st

It's the 1st.

It's a Monday.

GOD, I LOVE NEW BEGINNINGS. Fresh starts. Brand, spankin' new months and weeks to do with what I will.

You know me. I'm a weirdo.


The curse of the daily weigher is that I was a pound lighter yesterday than I am today, but being that it's my check in day, I have to log the higher weight. Wah. But what can you do? Such is life. And this isn't a race. And I'm still moving in the right direction, I had a great week, and I'm ALMOST FUCKING DONE WITH MY WHOLE30.


Weight: 142.6 (- 1.2)
Mood: Fanfuckingtastic! (If we're talking weight/food/health, not boys.) I saw the lowest weight I've seen since I was 18, I've been controlling my emotions and staying positive, and I just feel awesome about what I'm doing for myself.
Food: Great! Backed off on my juices and smoothies, didn't get takeout at all this week, ate lots of hard boiled eggs and ground turkey and sweet potatoes, and it felt awesome.
Movement: Did a little yoga. I'm trying, okay? That's all I can do.

This week, I wanted to...

...go to yoga five times, ha.
...keep my apartment in its current lovely clean state, and no.
...stay positive no matter what the scale says, and yes! Helps that the scale was kind.

This week, I would like to...

...keep my focus on yoga.
...limit my screen time.
...keep myself in check when I go off the Whole30 plan.

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