Monday, July 8, 2013

Absence Links

As an apology for my absence the last few days, I have ALL THE LINKS FOR YOU.


Sand sculpture shindigs: A bucket list

Check out these sweet sand castles! Sculptures, excuse me. I want to play on them!

Service Dogs Fall in Love, Adorably Prompting Owners to Fall in Love

Let me hear you say AWWWWWW!

15 Things That Escalated A Little Bit Too Quickly

I am full of the "bahahaha"s! Too good.

Etiquette Hell

For those of you who were raised by mothers like mine, and now are etiquette bitches.

25 Books to Beach-Read This Summer

In case your Kindle needs some updating!

26 Invaluable Life Lessons According To Sloths

And this one's for my Biff. Nothing's classier than being on a goddamn BOAT.

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