Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Whole Wrap Up

It's my last night of my own special version of the Whole30. I didn't follow the rules exactly as written, I wouldn't say I was 100% without failure (damn, sugar is sneaky), but I am inclined to say I am a motherfucking WINNER.

Do I feel like Superwoman? No. Did I lose a magical 15 pounds? Niet. Am I a convert to the cult of Paleo? Nope.

But am I really glad I did it? Yes sir, yes ma'am, I am certainly glad.

I rediscovered how to eat well, and more than that, I learned how to eat clean. I learned how to fuel myself with the basics, how to cook with pure, whole ingredients, how to subsist on nothing but what's necessary. I really do want to continue down this path---while reincorporating the things I cut out, of course. I do not wish to live without cheese. I cannot exist without sushi. And gluten and I don't need to break up, I don't think.

We shall see.

I'm going to experiment over the next few days. See what works for me. I'm not going to go hog wild, stuffing my face with cakes and cookies, not even on the 4th of July. I really am going to try to continue down this healthy eating road that I'm on, with just a little more flexibility for the things that delight my tastebuds.

I'm liking this.

Thanks, Daddy. For the impetus, the incentive, the push. And thanks, Whole30.

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