Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday, July 8th

No weigh in today.

Carbs + sodium + work outs + Shark Week = Taylor is no doubt up on the scale and not inclined to write down that number, thanks.

But hey.

I'm back on track today. Consistency is key, one weekend won't screw me over.

Weight: ???
Mood: Could be better. I'm a little down on myself for letting myself slip so much after going off my Whole30, but I really should not have expected myself to be so hardcore and perfect. That was just too optimistic. Of course I was going to indulge. It was bound to happen. All I can do is right myself back onto the good food track, and get back to counting points. My mood is so much better when I feel in control.
Food: See above. Honestly, I wasn't that bad. But I could have been better. And yesterday there was Thai food.
Movement: Three days in a row of yoga! WOOOOOO! Definitely the best week I've had back on the mat. I plan to keep this feeling going.

This week, I tried to...

...keep my focus on yoga, and I did!
...limit my screen time, and I did okay.
...keep myself in check when I go off the Whole30 plan, and no.

This week, I want to...

...push myself more to practice yoga.
...write more.
...track everything I eat no matter what.

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