Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hollywood Night

Something I feel like I've been missing in the years I've lived in LA is the true, well, Hollywood experience. When I moved here, that's what I wanted, the silly dream of it, the glitz and glamour of this city. My fantasy since I was a hopeful little kid was to live here, but I never take advantage of all the city has to offer.

Last night, I got a little taste.

My Repeat, as I shall call him for now, lives in the middle of Hollywood. I drove to him last night, as I guess is only fair, and we went to a couple of nifty bars in his hood. Then, we hung out on his roof.


Well, because of that view up there, yes. But also because My Repeat currently has another dude living in his one bedroom bachelor studio. Not judging!

But his building, apparently, was a former hotel owned by Charlie Chaplin, and made so it will always have low rent for artists. Which is way cool. And I Googled it this morning, and it was the first Hollywood address of the Black Dahlia, or Elizabeth Short. So now I feel super vintage Hollywood.

It was beautiful up on the roof. Apparently you can see the Hollywood sign during the day, which is a long held personal goal of mine, to live with a view of it. So I'm jealous.

We had fun. I'm refusing to over-analyze, over-think, over-discuss. We had fun.

And I enjoyed my little taste of Hollywood.

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