Monday, October 29, 2012

Things that are amaaazing!

LIFE. Why you gotta be so awesome today? I mean, it's a MONDAY. You've really outdone yourself.

Let's see...

*I dropped a bottle of my favorite wine...and it didn't break. It's going to taste 100x better than usual after its terrifying near-death experience, I'm absolutely sure.
*A fellow on OkCupid told me that looking at my pictures makes his eyes feel like they're on ecstasy. I'm gonna call that the best compliment ever?
*Speaking of OkC, got a sushi date with a gainfully employed cutie set up for tomorrow. Obviously the most exciting thing about that sentence is "sushi". Plus, I can walk to the restaurant from my office. Nothing makes me happier than convenience.
*Traffic was on my side this morning, so my drive from SB > LA only took two hours instead of nineteen million and a half. Thanks, Traffic Karma!
*I bought food for Mr. Tree at lunch, so I don't have to deal with crazy post-work crowds at the store. I'm so very productive!
*Also at lunch: put clean sheets on my bed. The productivity continues. Usually I procrastinate doing it until it's bedtime and then things are simply terrible...NOT TODAY, LIFE.
*I left my headlights on this morning because I'm just that bright (geddit? geddit?), but a coworker let me know within a few hours and my battery didn't die! WIN.
*I have discovered that I love Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Things that are a little less awesome...

*I have to do dishes tonight. I have to. Like, it's gotten to the point where I'm using small forks instead of big forks 'cause the big ones are all dirty. Shame...
*Cute Work Boy was not at the office today for me to objectify.
*My hair is gross.

Aaaand...that's it. No other complaints.

Me, today:

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