Sunday, October 7, 2012

Faux Friend Zone

So, I reactivated my OKCupid recently.

A friend of mine set one up for herself, which inspired me to check in on my dormant profile. I got few decent messages, a few standard "sups", and one that was just okay. Until I read his profile. And he appears to be a stunning douche. In a variety of exciting ways!

The first part of his profile, the first thing you read before you learn what he does or likes or wants, is a rant about "the friend zone". And how he definitely doesn't want to get stuck there, and if you think you might put him in that dreadful place, he wants nothing to do with you. He wants a relationship damn it. NOT FRIENDS. So if you think there's any change you might not sleep with him, any at all, don't you dare message him and waste his time.

I was feeling sassy.

In response, I sent him a blog post titled "The friend zone is bullshit and here is why".

A choice quote:
Men who say they were friend zoned are often the same Nice Guys who think that if they had tried harder they could have won her over. These men view women as pretty sparkly prizes with vaginas. Men can win one of their own if they are just patient and nice enough and avoid the friend zone. Becoming friends with a girl is what men get after they fail at that. It’s their consolation prize.
I hoped I was doing a service to the Universe. Probably not, I don't think he "got" it. But a girl's gotta try.

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