Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon

Nothing much has changed.

I still primarily have canine offerings as entertainment. Oh, and pretty views.

I'm up in Santa Barbara for the weekend, house-sitting for my parents and taking care of the spoiled prince of the family, Mr. Dubs. He is a silly pouty baby and misses his mommy and daddy.

Pout pout pout.
Last night we cuddled, then today he mostly ignored me, because "YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM." I lounged about this morning eating spinach dip and watching cable, delicious cable. Sidenote: Did you know Furbies are still a thing? I saw a commercial for one. I didn't know if I was having a flashback to 1999 or they actually still make those creepy little fuckers. I killed mine by hiding it in a closet so it wouldn't talk to me anymore.

Anyway. Then.

House-sitting fees + familial generosity + hard earned cash =  I got the shit sucked out of my face with a silk peel facial this afternoon. I'm simply glowing. With SPF 50 slathered on by my facialist and donning a hat stolen from my dad (sorry, Dad), plus my sunglasses, I kinda  felt like an incognito celebrity. In terribly unflattering yoga pants.

And then the pup and I frolicked.

Mind you, it was about 86 degrees on the water. It's almost November. What the fuck, world? So the game quickly became "fetch the ball, then run to the nearest shade."

Lazy bum.

And now, I think a nap is in the cards. Deuce is already waaayyy ahead of me there.

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