Thursday, October 25, 2012

Message of the Month

Now, the month isn't over yet, but I feel confident in proclaiming this the best message I've received.

"I want to give u my babies. U are sexy"

Well thanks, guy! You're so generous. So, you want to give them to me? You already have the babies, and they'll be wrapped and gifted to me as some sort of reward for being sexy? How many? How old? Who's the mother? Or wait, do you want to give them to me IN MY UTERUS? I guess that makes more sense. Wow, I'm so flattered to have been chosen. I'm glad my sexiness indicates that I am in optimal baby-growing shape, prime for you to fill with your seed. Or do you want me to pass my sexy on to the babies? Am I going to be a sexy baby training facility? Whatever your plan, I really do feel so blessed to be chosen, and I'm so glad I don't get a choice in the matter. 

You will give me your babies.

And I will give them my sexy.

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