Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sundayness Sunset

Laundry done. Pancakes for dinner. Big screen TV + cable. Puppy playtime. Sunset glass of wine.

I do enjoy my mini-vacays to Casa de Parentals.

Random thoughts:

*Got a second date with LawyerToBe scheduled for next week. He is cute, Date#1 was a success. And he earns extra bonus points for being the only guy in the history of time (I did a study) to text sooner than the requisite "three days". Either he doesn't play games or he's so advanced at the game playing he's making up his own rules. Baller.

*After a dog-crazy few days, I found myself trolling Petfinder instead of OkCupid. Who wants a boyfriend? What I really need is a puppy. My canine maternal instincts were kicking in last night as I snuggled that little fluff nugget. Of course, today the baby buddy inhaled a fox tail on his morning stroll and cost his loving mother hundreds of dollars in vet I'm back to being glad the only child I have is the extraordinarily self sufficient Mr. Tree.

*I learned a little lesson today that no matter how anonymous I'd like my ramblings to be, the people I thoughtlessly talk shit about just might read it. Whoopsies? I totally deserved a venom tantrum for what I wrote, no foul called. I appreciate my first hate mail. I'm mostly curious as to how my blog crossed this individual's path, since I thought it wasn't tied to any identifying the pictures of my face I plaster all over it...and I didn't imagine they'd be stalking me so thoroughly. Honestly, I wouldn't have written it if I thought they'd see it, which is the lesson here. Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

*So very, very ready for this election nonsense to be over, for Obama to win and for everyone to just shut up about it, myself included. I can definitely get obnoxious when talking politics, I get entirely overwhelmed with the force of my bleeding heart hippie liberalism and I tend to frame things in a very black and white way. I'm sorry guys, I guess my vagina and my womanly hormones are just SO HYSTERICAL, I can't keep my mouth shut when stupid conservative shit pisses me off.

*Guys, I will end with a shameful confession. I...kind of like the new Taylor Swift song. No, not the "We Are Never Ever Ever Never EVER Getting Back Together EVER", that one makes my soul die a little. I'm talking about "I Knew You Were Trouble". It's definitely techno and maybe faintly dubsteppy in parts, barely country and suuuper catchy. Basically I wouldn't know it was Swifty from first listen, and I kind of love it. I'm sorry to expose your ears to this if you loathe her like I do*, but...I can't help it.

*Um, y'all, she's dating a high school junior. Yes, he's a Kennedy, but come on. Woman got issues.

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