Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Photo Challenge

Since the start of this here little blog, I've been posting old, favorite photographs of beautiful moments under the tag Visual Memories, and have tried to offer plenty of other colorful images for your viewing pleasure.

I love pictures. I love taking them. I have no real artistic skills and zero training, I use a standard digital camera (or sometimes just my iPhone) and cheap editing software (or you know, Instagram), but I do love it. And I need to do more of it.

I've seen a variety of blogs recently doing photo-a-day challenges A full month of photo assignments, with a different instruction for each day, like "your breakfast" or "self portrait". I've seen a ton of different lists, and over at Fat Mum Slim there's a new one for every month. The August list is here, but I'm really more drawn to the list for July.

I'll be posting at least one picture a day from one of these two lists, if not both! I was going to make the challenge a bit more difficult by requiring myself to use my "real" camera, not my iPhone...but let's start small, shall we?

Hopefully this challenge will spark my creativity and remind me to take more photos, as well as bring a little more color to my blog! I hope to post daily, but I might get behind if I'm out of town or something...or you know, if I get a bit forgetful. 'Cause of the drugs.

See you back here later for Day #1!

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