Thursday, August 30, 2012

Really Wanna, Wanna Zig-A-Zig-AH!

Things are still hard.

And I just had a thought.

In this crazy world, there are some people who just get everything they want. They have some sort of magical magnetism, a quality, a vial of luck mojo that they sprinkle over life and they just always get the best of everything. Or, if not the best, the best for them.

I have friends like this, good people, people I like just fine. But I also hate them. And their luck.

Because I am not of their tribe. Not that I have the shittiest fortune in the world or anything, but I don't think I'm necessarily touched by an angel, blessed by Buddha, in touch with the cosmos. I don't think I have stumbled into any amazing life situations like a kickass job or apartment or boyfriend. Things don't fall into my lap. I'm just kinda, you know, there. Doing my thing. Never getting what I want.

And so my thought: Food, though. With food, I can have whatever I want. Maybe that's my problem?

*slaps self*

Nah, I'm fine. Toootally fine. Peachy with a side of keen. We're not talking about food. I want for nothing.

I guess I have a point.

I'm waiting for something good to fall from the sky.

It just seems like it's time, you know? I've had a run of badness lately, cars go boom and boys go bye and no one ever replies to my resumes. I want to make changes but things seem so stagnant. I try my best but I can't control the universe.

I just soldier on.

But I feel like there's something in the air. Some tinge of electricity. Some turning of the breeze.

Something good might happen soon. I can feel it.

I want it.

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