Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Sunday

*Lazed about in bed with Bentley, allowing myself as long as I damn well pleased.

*Took a morning stroll to the Farmer's Market.

*Bought myself flowers to boost my mood out of the Sunday Blues. (You know, that feeling you get when you realize you have to work tomorrow?)

*Watching "The LA Complex" while cleaning the fucking shit out of my apartment. (Deliciously trashy, would recommend.) I completely organized my dresser (long overdue), did all my dishes, washed my yoga clothes, towels, sheets, and comforter, cleaned my bathroom, tidied my bookcase, and swept, Swiffered and vacuumed the whole place.

*After all that work, I definitely think I earned a delicious delivery sushi feast! Enjoyed whilst trying out "Bones" for the first time, it's sufficiently entertaining.

*In awhile I think I'll crawl in bed and open up a book. There's nothing like relaxing in a perfectly clean place.

*I used an exercise skip today...I wanted a day of no sweat. Though all the cleaning kind of took care of that...I just need to go 4/5 days this week and I'm right on target for my Active August Challenge!

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