Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Los Angeles, I'm Yours

Sometimes I think about moving.

But then I look around, and realize all the awesome reasons to stay right where I am:

  • Palm trees.
  • Sunshine.
  • Hot surfer boys. (Purely for eye candy purposes, surfers are too baked to date.)
  • Proximity to my family.
  • Generally mild weather. (These last few weeks of brutal heath not withstanding. And by brutal, I mean above 85 degrees.)
  • The Hollywood sign.
  • The PCH.
  • Tons of live music and museums. (Not that I take advantage of these things nearly as much as I should.)
  • The beach. (Not that I ever go there.)
  • Legalized marijuana. (Not that I would ever partake...ahem.)
  • Funky hipster bars with delicious drinks.
  • Quirky little shops with adorable jewelry. 
  • Dog-friendly culture. (I WANT A PUPPY.)
  • Delicious authentic Mexican food.
  • Amazing fresh sushi. 
  • Laid-back people.
  • Liberal culture. 
  • The ocean to use as an escape route when the zombies come. 

Ways to make this city better:

  • Less traffic.
  • A better job.
  • Less douchetastic men.
  • A bigger apartment.
  • Less hermitness. 
  • More friends.

I'll work on those. First task, convincing a million cars to GET THE FUCK OFF MY FREEWAY.

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