Monday, August 27, 2012

Friend Crush

There was a blonde in front of me in yoga the other day with, no joke, the hottest body I've ever seen in person. She was completely fit and toned, but soft and curvy. Strong but feminine, thin but clearly healthy. Basically, my ideal body type, and far far off goal.

I sort of felt lecherous staring at her, but she was right in front of me. Plus, her lululemon purple polka dot outfit was super cute. And her belly button was pierced. And at one point her hand bumped my foot, and we both apologized, and her voice was surprisingly deep and husky.

Basically what I'm telling you here is I totally developed a girl crush.

How can I make her my friend? I am equally as bad at meeting new friends as I am meeting men to make out with.

I need some suave friend pickup lines. Or I can just stalk her.

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