Monday, August 27, 2012

Lunch Date Style

I met my mother for an absolutely delicious lunch today at One Pico in Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica. I never complain about a) getting to spend time chatting with my mother b) taking an extra long lunch from work or c) free food, so all in all I am in an excellent mood post-meal.
View from our table. Not too shabby.
I enjoyed a salad of butter lettuce, avocado, dates and grilled shrimp with a buttermilk vinaigrette dressing, a little bread with butter and sea salt, and we split a chocolate caramel dessert. Delicious all around!

You never know who you might run into out and about in LA, so I tried to, you know...make an effort today.

Hey, I blowdried my hair, that's something.

  • Top by Phanuel (On sale from Angl in the Westside Pavilion. There's also a location in Santa Barbara where I did almost all my high school shopping.)
  • Jeans by Express. ($17 from Marshalls.)
  • Gold Kitty Necklace from Somewhere in Spain (A gift from my sister.)
  • Gold Crystal Necklace from Forever 21
  • Gold Belt Cuff from ModCloth
  • Flats by Coach (I've probably had these at least eight years? Seven?)
  • Purse by H&M

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