Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things making me happy today.

In case you couldn't tell from my rantings earlier, I'm a bit worked up this afternoon.

So let's look at some fun links, shall we?

Dog Shaming

Dogs. Holding signs with their confessions of misdeeds, for public shaming. And they clearly know it.

"I eat my own poop."

Prince Harry Naked On The Internet

In Vegas. I missed him by ONE WEEKEND. ONE. Oh what I would give to party with the Ginger Prince...

Before and Afters

Seeing other people's amazing progress is always inspirational. I tend to worry about frequenting Tumblr due to the rampant thinspiration and pro-ana blogs, but I think this one seems safe.


Bikinis matched to book covers. This is some deliciously creative eye candy.

Choupette Has Two Maids

She's a kitten, owned by Karl Lagerfeld, and is more spoiled than I will ever be. I want her life.

Whole Foods Parking Lot

From the hilarious souls who brought you "Yoga Girl".

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