Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

Most important things first: my phone fell in a toilet last night.

Obviously, I was devastated, heartbroken, UNABLE TO FUNCTION. I snatched it out immediately, switched it off, and hoped for the best. Being the rather impatient person I am, I turned it on to check how it was doing this morning and it appears to work fine. I immediately turned it off again and it's living in a bag of rice for a day or so. I feel naked without it.

(Note: This event may delay photo challenge postings. You are warned.)

Other than this catastrophic incident, this weekend has been rather lovely. And I so needed a lovely weekend.

Yesterday featured yoga and grocery shopping before it was even 11:00AM. Productivity, cheeeck. I then traveled up to my parents' house in Santa Barbara and arrived to find my mother had pulled out a dozen or so shirts and dresses for me to try on, as I had whined to her about my utter lack of clothes options.

And everything fit. EVERYTHING. I could not fucking believe it, my mother is a miniature little slip and the fact that I can wear her clothes just about blows. My. Mind. I ended up with some great work tops, two adorable dresses, and a jacket, all for free! I just love hand me downs. And I just love my mother.

Then it was time for Fiesta, a Santa Barbara tradition celebrating confetti and margaritas and tacos. I got to spend time with my besties + a boyfriend, and had a cheeseburger, got a little drunk, and stayed totally within my points. It feels amazing to indulge in a planned way like that, and is so much more satisfying!

Today, there was girly brunch with the BFF, laundry and Olympics-watching with my daddy, and soon I will hit the road back to Los Angeles.

Technically it's a "rest day" for me...but I may end up going to yoga tonight anyway. 'Cause why not!?

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