Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Superpower Returns

A few months ago, I shared stories of my superpower with you all. It's not the most useful superpower. I cannot summon it on command. But occasionally, it does come in handy.

Like last night, for example.

I had just crawled into bed, a little later than usual, after I finished watching a romance-focused episode of "Bones". (Sidenote: I know he's a douche in real life but I do LOVE me some David Boreanaz.) I had boys on the brain, so naturally, my thoughts drifted to the last boy I dated, the much maligned Ginger.

And my phone went off.

My brain instantly said, "Ginger?! No, don't be a fucking idiot, it's your BFF." (We had been texting all night.)

So I check my phone.


It was a much appreciated, sincere apology from the Ginger. He said he'd been wanting to say sorry to me but kept thinking it was too late. Of course, it's never too late for an apology, so I am so glad he put on his big boy pants and got in touch. I now have closure.

And the fact that he realized, acknowledged, and apologized for his dickishness makes me feel like maybe I wasn't completely wrong about him as a person. Stupid and immature, yes, but not evil-hearted. So that's nice. And getting an apology after this long validates all my bitching and bad feelings, because clearly he has been dwelling on how he treated me. It's always nice to know someone has been thinking about you.

So, my list of expected apologies is back down to one. I don't expect to ever get that one, though. If I did, it would go something like this:

"Sorry I cheated on you and then knocked her up and married her..."

That would just be awkward.

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