Wednesday, September 26, 2012



I am pretty sure I've made this statement before. Yes, I have. To quote myself:

"In life, I hate wanting things. If I want something too much I turn into a sizzling knot of white-hot anxiety, and I do not handle disappointment well."

This remains true. I hate wanting things because I so rarely get what I want.

And I. Want. This. Job.

I think the interview went well. I really think it did. But I could also be completely delusional, have you ever thought about that? WELL HAVE YOU?! I could be wrong. Maybe it was awful. 

But you know, if I am wrong, then I don't want to work there anyway, right? Because they thought I was awful. Which is not true. Obviously.

I feel like I answered their questions well, I was honest and diplomatic and my usual peppy self. I made them all laugh. I got into a conversation about whether or not we could convince people to pay money for "cold yoga" and do yoga in a freezer. I ended up wearing outfit F, and left the blazer on the whole time, and felt thoroughly appropriate.

Supposedly, I will hear soon. For now, I just wait.

I hate waiting.

And wanting.

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