Monday, September 24, 2012

Interview Style Options: Take Two

So, I asked some ladies for advice on my two interview options, and the variety of opinions managed to talk me out of both.

1) I really don't want to wear blue jeans. I know it's appropriate, I know it's probably expected, especially in this company culture, but I just don't think I feel comfortable with it. I will have enough things to obsess over after the interview tomorrow, I don't want to be wondering if I underdressed and seemed unprofessional. Honestly, I feel like I do have a bit of a babyface, so I want to combat that with my clothes.

2) I tried on my black jeans and they actually do work with the blazer as long as I'm wearing a top long enough to break up the color. So if I wear pants, I'll wear those.

3) I did buy leggings. I <3 leggings. And a top, but I think it may actually be ugly and I was blinded by the bright lights of Marshalls. I might return it.

I NEED HELP. If you're out there in Internet land, I'd love a little input! Comment with your thoughts, and  promise to say hi.

Okay, so imagine makeup. And hair. And jewelry. And less ridiculous faces. GO:

A. The new top, with two different shoes. I don't think I like it,
I feel as though it erases my waist.

B. Like this dress. May be too juvenile of a silhouette
for an interview. Plus, short.

C. Love this dress, love it with the blazer. But is it too
fancy exits past the casual turnoff?

D. Inherited this dress from my mama, and I like it a lot.
Can't decide if it's too short...but I AM wearing leggings.
Problem: off-white in dress, white in blazer?

E. Probably too casual. But I am stoked on how baggy
 this is on me, considering it used to be quite tight.

F. May be my favorite. Got this top last weekend with my
mother, and had nixed it for being pink. But I think it works!


  1. E is really really cute, but I agree with it being too casual for the interview. I would go with F. I like how the pink breaks up the black. Really pretty!

    1. I went with F! But of course, just got salad dressing ALL OVER I might have to run home and change. SUCH IS MY LIFE.

      Thanks for the input, love!

  2. Sassy F is my vote! Perfect mix of fun, fashionable, but professional enough to kick the interview (job's!) butt. Really great pieces, btw!

    1. Thanks Katie! I chose F, but might have to change if I can't remove the stain I just created. Because I'm useless. Thanks for your opinion!