Thursday, September 13, 2012

Magical Couscous Delight

I have not been cooking much.

Cooking is hard. And it makes a mess of my kitchen.

A few weeks ago, I made Emily Bites' Cheesy Chicken Cups, which were pretty tasty but not a repeat. Totally forgot to take pictures. And I made her Taco Wrap Deluxes again. Yummmm. Then there was my Dark Period of not eating good at all...let's forget about that. Since then, I've been subsisting on salads and Lean Cuisines, needing the structure and regularity of easy meals.

But today, I decided to branch out.

And I made a recipe.


Emily Bites, of course. We love her. Couscous with prosciutto, asparagus and mushrooms...aka, three of my very favorite things. I definitely recommend this recipe. Flavorful, decadent, and good for you!

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