Wednesday, September 5, 2012


For the first time in a long time, I feel the shiny spark of a good mood in my soul.

I will not complain anymore, no! I will embrace this beautiful world, and smile, and know that life could be so much worse.

Today's good things:

*Summer rain. I LOVE SUMMER RAIN. So cleansing.

*I successfully resisted the spread of unhealthy carbalicious Thai food available for Wednesday work lunch, and filled up on proteins (mmm garlic chicken) and salad. I'm unreasonably proud of myself. I fucking love Thai food.

*My bank account currently ends in .00. It's the little things. And it's incentive not to spend money.

*I heard back from one of my applications yesterday and had to complete an online assessment. Pretty sure I aced it. I would rock this job! Good vibes, please.

*I also successfully avoided the temptation of delicious Corner Bakery desserts. Their sugar cookies are criminally good. Last week I ate five. Today, NONE.


*This song makes me feel happy feelings.

*It's basically Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday...

*And on Saturday, I am going to see Gotye at the Santa Barbara Bowl with one of my absolute favorite people in the world. I expect it to be a magical night. Wheeee!


  1. Positive job vibes being sent your way. I am also highly jealous of all the concerts you go to...

  2. ***fab new job vibes***! btw i love your blog, huge fan, thank you!!!