Monday, September 24, 2012

Interview Style Options

I have an interview tomorrow for what is, at this stage in my life, my dream job.

"But Taylor," you say with a confused frown. "I thought you had no aspirations or goals."

This is true.

By dream job, I mean:

1) I am qualified for it.
2) I think I would actually be good at it.
3) It would not involve cleaning up after lazy, entitled bitches.
4) It pays more money.
5) It's for a cool company.
6) It's close to home.
7) They would subsidize a nice gym.
8) I bet a lot of cute eye candy works there.
9) It's a change.
10) And we all know I need a change.

I had a standard, conservative interview outfit all picked out and ready to go, with the assistance of my stylish mommy. Black pencil skirt, black blazer, a fun blouse, and patent leather snakeskin heels (HOT). But when my contact at the company sent me all the details, she made a point of saying that they're a casual office, "so feel free to dress comfortably".

Well, shit.

I definitely still want to dress professionally and look appropriate, but considering she made a point of mentioning the laid-back atmosphere, I don't want to look or feel stuffy and conservative. Plus, during my phone interview the recruiter made a point to mention that they want to hire people who fit in with the company culture, so I want to show that I am relaxed and can go with the flow. And can, you know. Read.

So now, I have a conundrum.

What to wear?

I've been slowly rebuilding my wardrobe since reaching the general range of my goal weight, but I still don't have a ton of choices, unfortunately. I decided to wear jeans, nice ones, since my black jeans don't match my blazer (I hate mismatched blacks), I no longer own slacks, and I don't have a more casual skirt. I figure most of the people I will be meeting with will be in jeans, so I'm comfortable with that. And I got a sexy new pair of boots a few weeks ago, and while it's still 80+ motherfucking degrees in LA, it's almost October and I wanna wear boots. I just think heels with jeans is a bit "try hard" for this situation, and I don't want to stick with my trusty flats. That's a bit TOO relaxed. So my bottom half is good, but my top half...

I eliminated any shirt that was a) lace b) ruffled or c) pink on the grounds that this company is definitely not a "girly" company. And as that makes up about 99% of my wardrobe, that pretty much left me with NO toptions. (Top options. I'm hilarious.) And of the options I did have left, many were sadly taken out of the running due to their "off-whiteness" clashing with the white trim of my hot new Talbot's blazer.

So, after a brief time playing dress-up in my closet this weekend, an experiment cut short by the fucking terrible heat, I came up with only two options.

The blue top was the blouse purchased for my original interview ensemble. The salmony orange top can also be seen in this fashion post. Same jeans, jacket and boots for both options.

I'm leaning towards the second outfit. Fun color, flowy relaxed top, but still put together. Plus, less cleavage. I don't know about jewelry, though...stick with my Om necklace from outfit one? My colorful jewels from this post? Or I have some stud earrings...TOO MANY DECISIONS.

I might just have to go shopping today.

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