Thursday, September 20, 2012

Puppy Party

Last night I drove out to the Valley to meet up with my core group of best friends + significant others. We had a delicious dinner at The Married Couple's house, enjoyed boisterous and inappropriate conversations, and played with puppies.

Lots of puppies.

BFF-without-a-nickname adopted a new baby a week ago, and he is just about the cutest fucking thing. She also has another rescue pup who is one of the more hilarious creatures I have ever met, and The Married Couple have the sweetest big little darling.

I, of course, went crazy with pictures.

SO PRECIOUS. Look at his little underbite!
Such a lovely, well-behaved lady! Very gentle with the bitty pup.
The Regal Queen, eyeing her new brother.
Very tired after his busy busy day.

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