Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In Betweening

So, of all the things in the world that one should complain about, this one falls to the very bottom of the list. But it's still fucking frustrating.


I know, I know, whinewhinewhine, POOR ME. But seriously. I have a closet full of adorable things that just no longer flatter me. Dresses that fit for the last 40 pounds now have billowing fabric around my hips, tricking my eyes into thinking I'm still wide. Shirts hang low on my chest, showing excessive amounts of cleavage that my mother would have something to say about. I've outgrown two rounds of jeans since January, and nothing makes me feel less cute than saggy-ass-syndrome. I'm in that in between stage where I'm not quite where I want to be, but so much better off than I was.

Last week one of the girls at work set out a challenge for us all to wear dresses/skirts/primarily no jeans the whole week. (Of course, I was mistakenly left off the email and didn't know about this until I showed up in jeans on Monday, but I digress.) I made do for the week, but honestly my options were pretty limited. And I had two dates lined up this weekend, and baggy saggy clothes just would not do.

I've had great luck in the past selling old clothes at a Crossroads Trading Company and finding great, CHEAP new old things. I hit the Santa Monica location on Saturday and had way less luck with selling than at the Silverlake location, so I guess I'll be taking a drive over there soon. They only bought ONE dress! I did, however, walk away with two pairs of jeans and four tops for a grand total, with my $8 credit, of $45. Amazing.

  • Gray jeans by Blank Jeans NYC
  • Dark jeans by Forever 21
  • Black Floral Top by Forever 21
  • White Floral Tank by Brandy Melville
  • Black Bow Top by Freeway
  • Black and Gold Tank by Glam

I don't want to throw away a bunch of money on things that won't fit me in another three months, but I also need to feel confident now, and not let myself schlump around in two sizes too large attire that makes me feel like I'm still just as big.

And, man, I forgot how fun shopping could be.

This is why I need unlimited cash.

And a new job.

Or a sugar daddy.

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