Saturday, May 12, 2012

First Date Style

I have dipped my toe back into the creepy shark-infested waters of online dating. A full post is no doubt forthcoming full of hilarious, brilliant insights about...things. But for now, we're talking about clothes.

Last night was my first date off the site (OKCupid, if you're curious), and my first date since starting to lose weight. I wanted to feel comfortable and look effortless, while still feeling sassy, cute, and confident.

Of course, nothing in my closet was acceptable. I have a woeful lack of cute tops, most of my dresses are too big or too short for bar stool perching, and really, I just wanted something new. I'm shallow like that. Marshall's to the rescue!

(Seriously, if you live in LA, check out the westside Marshall's at Olympic/Sawtelle. It's fucking paradise.)

We'll start with the face. I'm a big fat dork, and I happened to find a YouTube video a few days ago for A First Date Look with Lisa Eldridge. It was pretty close to my normal routine anyway, so I decided to give it a go.

Making awkward faces. 
(The lighting is darker in the before pic, obviously...
I didn't paint my face that white.)

I liked it! I need some better quality eyeliner and I don't actually own an eyelash curler, but I made do. Definitely a fresh and romantic look!

And as for the clothes...

  • Embellished Top by Kenar (From Marshalls.)
  • Dark Skinny Jeans by Paige (From Marshalls about two months ago, so they're a bit too big. As is my belt...and most of my bras.)
  • Lace Cardigan by Miss Chievous (Yes, AGAIN. I promise, next outfit I'll mix it up. Also from Marshalls.)
  • Bedazzled Sandals by Adrienne Vittadini (You guessed it, Marshalls.)
  • Crossbody Bag from My Mother's Closet (I'm guessing it's from the 80s? I love it for nights out. Added the brooch to cover up a flaw on the leather.)
  • Earrings by ME! Claddaghs from Ireland. Feather Ring by Guess.

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