Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May!

I love the start of a new month. I can imagine all sorts of positive changes coming when the calendar turns, I feel the freedom to fix my habits and solve my issues. Plus, May (as you may know) comes just before June, and in June I'm going to Spain! Then in July, a very old friend's wedding, my best friend's birthday, and another friend is moving back to LA. In August, Santa Barbara Fiesta, a few concerts, and Vegas with my group of girlfriends.

Good things coming up, is what I'm saying.

Plus, I have a plan for this month. Goals, if you will. I like goals. And plans. And rewards for following through on my goals, and plans. I like the simplicity of following an outline, which is why WW works so well for me. And of course, I love lists.

So, this month I will...

*Burn 8,000 calories. (100 APs in WW-speak.)
*Go on a tech fast---no screen 3 weeknights per week. Laptop stays at work. TV stays off.
*Stick to my budget.
*Try one new recipe per week.
*Use my time at work more constructively.

Should be easy as pie. Not that I find pie to be particularly easy, if we're talking about the making of said pie, though eating it is simple enough.

Anyway....Happy May!

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  1. I really like the idea of making goals for the month. It's something I think about doing but I never do. Your goals seem obtainable which is awesome! Good luck for May!