Monday, May 14, 2012

The Good and the Bad: Weight Loss Edition

Good things about losing weight:

  • My collarbones are sexy as fuck.
  • My feet hurt way less in heels.
  • When I cross my legs all lady-like, they stay that way.
  • When squeezing between tables at a restaurant I worry less about knocking things over.
  • My cheekbones. 
  • My ass.
  • Contorting my body into new yoga poses.
  • Climbing a staircase and not feeling out of breath.
  • Laying in bed and feeling small.
  • Looking in the mirror and loving what I see...or at least, not completely hating it.

Bad things about losing weight:

  • I'm turning into a terrible narcissist and can't stop taking pictures of myself.
  • None of my clothes fit and I'm too poor to buy all the pretty new stuff I want.
  • Mr. Tree has less cushion for the pushin'...with his paws, of my belly.
  • I feel guilty when I indulge even if it's planned.
  • I feel strangely more vulnerable in public, like I'm more visible even though there's less of me.
  • The more I lose, the more I want to lose. 


  1. Taylor have I told you how much I loved you?! you are so blunt and cute! Keep rockin girlfriend =)

    1. Aww I love you TOO! You're fab and amazing, don't you forget it!