Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Style

My mother is better than your mother.

I realized competition isn't really the point of this holiday, but it's just a fact. She's pretty damn awesome.

We celebrated the holiday by seeing "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" (very cute) and eating a delicious dinner at Safire in Camarillo, the halfway point between LA and Santa Barbara. Any chance I have to spend time with my parents is very much appreciated, which is one of the things that makes my life especially charmed.

I'm slowly starting to realize this.

So, we had a blast. I made her a pair of earrings, which she liked:

And I dressed purty.

  • Dress by S Point (From Marshalls, of course. I tried it on and imagined myself in Spain. SOLD.'s a small. Hee.)
  • Blazer by Kut from the Kloth (A Christmas gift from my mother two years ago. She has great taste, I love this jacket.)
  • Wedges by Wet Seal (I have had these things since I was 13 or 14. No joke. They have never gone out of style and remain the most comfortable pair of heels I own.)
  • Top Bracelet by Moi! (Chain maille from class. I love it.) Necklace and Bottom Bracelet from High School (I believe I bought the set for my senior homecoming.)
  • Purse by Coach (Hand me down from my sister! Where most of my nice stuff comes from.)

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