Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yeah, I know.

I suck.

What can I say? I haven't posted, but I've been living life. I do have things to talk about. Nothing to brag about on the, you know, weight loss front, so the whole thesis of this blog is kind of moot at this point, but we soldier on! WHO GIVES A FUCK?

Not I.

(This is a lie.

I give so many fucks.)

1) Still seeing Thumper. I think...that he is growing on me more and more. He's just fucking adorbs, y'all.

'Cept he got me sick. 'Cause boys have cooties.

2) He'll be meeting my friends this weekend, like the Biff and the Buff and her Husband and all that group. Should be a very interesting evening.

3) I have not, however, lost the urge to hunt. Like a lioness in the wild. I downloaded Tinder, which is motherfucking hilaaaaarious. I haven't met anyone off it, but it's such a boost to the ole ego. Completely superficial. Tinder, y'all. Super entertaining.

4) Exactly 7 days from oh, right now, I'll be on a plane to Vegas. VEGAS. YES BABY. To meet up with Mantana, and my Jersey girls, and my friend living in Australia, and WOOO HOOOOO. SO FREAKING EXCITED. I really don't have the money, I shouldn't be taking the time off of work, but dammit, I'M GOING.

5) Speaking of work...I have a phone interview tomorrow for a new job. Yup, back on the search. Something needs to change. I'm really excited about it. Wish me vibes.

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