Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Recounting of Events: Hardly Complete

So, what exactly happened on my trip, you may be wondering. Or maybe you don't care, and it's just the narcissist in me assuming you do.

But you know me.

I like to talk.

1) In case you didn't notice in the picture post yesterday, I sorta pierced my tragus on impulse. Twice. I'm in love with it. I want more.

2) Someone kinda became smitten with me. Maybe more than smitten. It's baaaad. See, Mantana's friend apparently developed a crush on me awhile back from Facebook pictures, and so we all had dinner my last night in town. And now he's been inundating me with comments on FB about my, well, stunning beauty, and the like, and privates messages like, "Thinking of you, sweet, sexy girl!".  It's progressed to text messages, and he even invited to fly me to San Diego for a concert. I cannot make it, and probably wouldn't go regardless. I am learning there is such a thing as TOO much attention. He really is nice and cute, but I didn't really feel a spark...and yes, I tried to feel one. Ahem.

3) I did, however, feel a sparky connection with an older, Canadian businessman with an incredibly Canadian name. We had drinks. We laughed. Then this Canadian and his couple friends took us to three am Chinese food where they served us after hours alcohol called "cold tea" aka "beer", then adventures continued till sunrise. Whoops.

4) The next night, Mantana and I fell in love with a bartender. Fell. In. LOVE. It was our last night in Vancouver so we HAD to go out, even if it was in yoga pants and very little makeup, completely exhausted from a wild week of non-stop fun in Montana and a late night the night before. We picked a low key pub and two seats at the bar. Up walks the bartender, LOVE. He spent the whole night talking to us. First he proposed marriage to me for a green card, since I live in California and he wants to move there. Then he proposed to Amanda, for her lawyer status. LE SIGH. He made eyes at us. He smiled. FLIRTED.

Miss Mantana claimed him, which was only fair because it was her birthday. But oh dear god he was so brutally, blisteringly, devastatingly attractive. We sat at that bar till closing, till the lights came on. But I'm not allowed to talk about him, since he's been claimed, so we have to move on. Shh.

5) Oh, and I was ADVENTUROUS this trip. I went down the world's largest and tallest zip line. I went rock climbing on a boat. I cracked crab. I'm a little bad ass.

6) That is all...for now.

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