Sunday, September 15, 2013

Developments of the Weekend

1) Thumper pampered me on Friday night as an apology for getting me sick. I got to pick the movies, I got a massage...oh, and he showed up with gifts. Cough drops and flowers. Whipped the latter out from behind his back when I opened the door, an adorably proud smile on his face.

If you're keeping score, that makes TWO floral donations to my cause.

That boy is totes putting in the effort.

2) He did good with my friends last night, too. The Biff couldn't make it, being all scholarly in grad school, but the rest of the group had a raucous good time playing Cards Against Humanity, and Thumper held his own. They seemed to approve. I dunno guys, I really do quite enjoy him. It's not like, he's my boyfriend or anything (...yet?), but he seems to enjoy me too, and we're going out again tomorrow on our fancy date that he bought the deal for way back when we first started dating...gosh I guess two months ago? And did I mention he's going to be in Vegas at the same time as me? Yeah, that's happening. We'll only see each other briefly, since it's a girls' trip, but he'll get to meet my other lady friends too and they'll all have their judgy pants on.

3) Update on the other man in my life, my admirer from Montana. He's still admiring. I was really overwhelmed at first, 'cause a of all, I have never had anyone come on as strong as he was coming, and b of all, he was coming on in a way I didn't really know how to process. It was just like...vomiting compliments all over me, to be grotesquely descriptive.

So first I asked him to back off, which he did, and once he did I was more receptive and inclined to get to know him a bit. Then I felt comfortable instigating a dialogue wherein I basically said hey, this attention is super nice and all but I really feel like you don't know me that well and I'm leading you on when I'm not sure this is ever going to go where you seem to want it to go for reasons a, b, and c, and he said look, I don't have you on a pedestal and I enjoy having my little crush on you so as long as I'm not making you uncomfortable, I would like to continue getting to know you. So, that's that.

He has only given me ONE floral donation, for the record.

4) Job interview? Went well, I thought, I was confident getting off the phone. The interviewer said that I'd hear within two weeks whether or not I was moving forward in the process. Imagine my surprise when I heard within two HOURS that they wanted me for an in-person interview.

Well then.

It's on Wednesday morning.


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