Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Style

Oh, hello morning.

I'm tucked in bed in my own private hotel room, feeling like a very fancy know, an adult that would rather starve than put on pants and go search for something healthy to eat. Far too much work. I'll play on the Internet instead.

Last night was Event #1 of Wedding Weekend. I have known the bride since we were in kindergarten, and she has been with her soon-to-be-husband since high school. They are an absolutely perfect couple together, and I'm so happy to be in San Francisco celebrating with them. I attended the weddings of her two older sisters and both were very swanky occasions, so I'm excited for tonight's festivities.

The rehearsal dinner last took place at the Press Club underneath the Four Seasons Hotel. A very classy wine bar, I would definitely go back on a night they're open to the public. We drank and made merry, I kept myself pretty much in check so I can go a little crazier tonight at the reception, and I looked really damn adorable.

Yeah, I said it. What?

  • Dress by Connected Apparel (Marshalls, of course. $30...and the first size 6 I have ever worn in my LIFE. EEEEEE.)
  • Cardigan by Halogen
  • Earrings by Owlita
  • Ring by So Good Jewelry
  • Shoes by Steve Madden

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