Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday

It's like suddenly, the sun came out.

Yoga last night lifted my spirits, and the Universe seems to be on my side now. I'm just in a glorious mood, excited for my self-made weekend plans and a hike with a friend. It was just a good day.

Work was work. I went to yoga at lunch, nailed crow for my longest time yet, and planned on a delicious Trader Joe's orange chicken dinner. Except, being me, I didn't actually have it. My freezer was tragically empty. Yeah. Did I let this get me down, and drive me to the nearest burger joint? No, my friends. I just ordered sushi and am walking (!) to pick it up in a few moments here.

I let Bentley pick the movie, and we'll be watching one of our favorites, "Across The Universe". A mellow Friday evening, just how I like them


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