Saturday, August 31, 2013

Things I Learned Up North

  • I'm "city". Not "country". 
  • Apparently living in Texas for a year and a half before the age of ten added a dollop of Southern to my accent, per both Montanans and Canadians. Huh.
  • I'm apparently very attractive in both Montana and Canada. I got some attention. Mmhmm.
  • And attention breeds confidence.
  • Or maybe vice versa?
  • It's fun to drink and drive. And by that, I mean drink while driving on a dirt road, not drive after you drink. That would be wrong
  • I can drink a LOT and not get hangovers. I am a fucking superhero.
  • Border patrol be staffed by dicks. "You have a gun in the car, don't you? DON'T YOU?!"
  • Rodeos are fun, especially if you don't actually watch the rodeo.
  • Canadians cannot dance.
  • I was told that I am "the only girl who's ever made a one piece bathing suit look sexy". Fascinating. 
  • I really do love country music.
  • I could maybe live in Montana for like, a year. Max.
  • But I could totally live in Vancouver. 
  • I needed to get out of Southern California. 

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