Sunday, August 4, 2013

Reasons I Did Not Post Yesterday

1) I barely touched my computer. Why?

2) I had a boy in my bed until noon. I woke up earlier and really wanted to make him leave, but thought that would be rude. So I just laid there.

3) Then I had to drive him home, and immediately get ready for yoga training.

4) Also, I had to fit in time for an emotional meltdown, because why not? I'm me, and there's always time for an emotional meltdown.

5) Then. Training. SO FUN. We did an exercise where we did our usual round robin style teaching (one person starts, then the instructor calls out someone else to take their place at random points), but with a twist. We all had to teach while taking on a character. Someone was Eeyore, someone was drunk, someone's dog had just died. We had a hilarious cowboy and a prostitute. I was a stoner. Yuuuup. It helped us see how your attitude as a teacher affects the whole it was just plain entertaining.

6) After training, a big group of us went to a bar down the street for one of the boys' birthdays, and then: we drank. We laughed. We talked about yoga. I ate healthy food. I drank some more. We had so. Much. Fun. One of the girls (I shall call her Stevie) had a guy she's dating come meet us (she found him on Tindr!). Then: I had a boy come meet us. A different boy than the one that was in my bed.

7) You know where this is going.

8) Bentley judged me.

9) So that is why I did not post yesterday.

10) And today, I'm doing something really cool. I'll tell you all about it later. But I won't be here. 

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