Sunday, August 4, 2013

Festival of the Chariots

Today was an incredibly exciting day.

For the first time, I taught yoga to people.

It was the annual Festival of the Chariots at Venice Beach, an Indian culture festival celebrating Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe. There was a parade of floats down one of the main streets that ended at the boardwalk, where the festival was set up. There was free food, music, dance, and all day YOGA!

My fellow teacher trainees and I ran the booth all day and taught 15 minutes of class each, and yours truly taught the very first section of the very first class. Meep!

I actually wasn't supposed to, I was supposed to teach the second class, but someone had trouble finding parking and was late so I had to step in sooner than I was prepared to. I think I did pretty well, made a little mistake but nothing catastrophic. I felt pretty confident, actually. And comfortable. And happy to be up there, guiding people through a flow.

Our booth was set up right on the edge of the park, with a view of the beach and the water. So beautiful and inspiring. No complaints about today.

The festival itself was full of love and music and life. I got blessed by Lord Jagannatha, ate some nuts, and saw some dance, and watched some crazy stilts performers, and frolicked. And took yoga.

And had the best day.

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