Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brain Dump Post

Oh my god HI!

I know, still with the absence. It's gonna continue, let's just be honest here. 'Cause the thing is, I'm going on vacation. Yup. On Saturday, I am leaving the state for two weeks for some much needed relaxation time. First I'm off to Montana to visit a friend, then we'll road trip to Vancouver and spend two days there before I leave on a cruise with my family to Alaska for a week.

Yeah, I'm a lucky bitch.

So, until I get back on September 1st, don't expect many posts. I may be able to check in every now and then, but I'm not going to commit myself to doing so. I need to re-evaluate how I want to use this blog, since right now I'm not really doing much of anything. If you have any input or suggestions, by all means, sound off in the comments.

But hey, I'm here now. And feeling chatty. So...HI!

Let's see, what shall I talk about?

Well, I'm fat again. There's that. I know, I know, I know, that is not a nice thing to say and negative thoughts breed negative habits and what good does it do to beat myself up but it's true. I wanted to feel so good and fit for this trip and I...do not. I've gained weight, lots of it, quickly, noticeably, by treating myself terribly, and I'm sick of it. I'm done. This trip will be a rejuvenation, a break from the monotony of real life, a chance to breath fresh glacial air and read some books and get my head on straight. I really hope it clears the cobwebs from my mind and helps me get back on track. I want to return to LA fresh and new and ready to start over.

Hmm, what else...boys? I do love to talk about boys. Thumper took me to dinner last night to celebrate passing my yoga test. We went to my favorite restaurant, which is not inexpensive. He paid. 

And he opens the car door for me, have I mentioned that? 

He really tries so hard. It's so endearing. It's like, he knows how to date.

AND, he's offering to drive me to the airport Saturday for my SIX AM FLIGHT. I don't think I'm going to let him, but wow. Boy seems to like him some Taylor.


AND YES, YOGA! I PASSED! I mean, everyone did, but still. So did I. Now I just have to finish up my practice hours when I get back from Alaska, and I'll be an official certified teacher. AND I'm doing the extension training program, so I'll be learning even more awesome stuff in the next five weeks. 

So yeah! You know, life. Food. Boys. Yoga. 

I keep on keepin' on.

I'll be here a bit over the next few days, then I'll fly off on my vacation.

I still love you all, I do. I just haven't had much creative juice to share with you. Hopefully my vacation will refresh my supply.




  1. I've missed you Taylor! But I am so glad that you seem to be doing some great things (like having friends and boys and doing yoga). Your vacations sound so amazing and relaxing! Keep being awesome :)

  2. Have fun on your vacation!! (totally jealous!)