Friday, August 16, 2013

Prep Day

I'm not working today, 'cause I gots SHIT. TO. DO.

I get nervous to travel. I think you know this about me. I get nervous to do a lot of things, which is kind of indicative of my personality, generally. So luckily my boss let me take today off to prep for my trip.

Today I need to:

  • Do laundy.
  • Pack.
  • Run errands of varying importance.
  • Clean my place so it's not a pit when I get home.
  • Re-pack.
  • Go to the doctor to get my crazy meds adjusted.
  • Do more laundry.
  • Re-pack.
  • Stress.
Oh, and I need to get my keys to my awesome friend who will be checking in on the Tree while I'm gone. 

Oh, and I was supposed to work my shift at the studio tonight, but one of my new friends (I HAVE NEW FRIENDS) from training traded with me to relieve some of my anxiety. I luff her. 

Oh, and Thumper is coming over later tonight to finish up watching "Orange Is The New Black", which we've watched entirely together over the course of a few at-home dates. Then he's staying over and taking me to the airport.


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