Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things that happened today.

*After trying a level three hot yoga class for the first time, I smashed the base of my thumb between the edge of my car door and a very solid cement wall. Ow.

*In the parking lot at Ralph's, a very cute stranger confessed his love to me, despite my lack of makeup. Our wedding will be in the fall.

*I half-made a version of HelloMissKelly's light beer cupcakes. I say "half-made" because I only made the cake part and will frost tomorrow. And I say "version" because I couldn't find mini-cupcake liners, so they're full sized, and I accidentally dropped an egg yolk in the batter. We'll see how they taste.

*I made sixth date plans with the Ginger for tomorrow evening. I will be cooking, and serving him hopefully delicious beer cupcakes. Pandering? Totally.

*I bought my first pair of shorts in at least a decade. Okay, technically this happened yesterday, but it's notable.

*I went to yoga. I know I already said that, but it needed to be repeated. Day two, CHECK.

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