Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Brunch Style

There's a reason nearly every single girl you know in their mid-20s loves brunch.

Because it's fucking awesome.

First of all, cheap and delicious, just how I like it. Not to mention if you're having brunch, it's totally acceptable to start drinking in the morning. And the whole purpose of brunch is gossip, no? You and your best girlfriends, talking about inappropriate subjects in public, giggling and eating way too many calories.

It's the best.

I met one of my absolute favorite people at Mesa Cafe in Santa Barbara yesterday for a delicious egg white scramble with cream cheese, bacon, and green onions, accompanied by a bowl of fruit and the best biscuit ever. It was perfection.

I'd planned to throw on yoga pants for our date, but the night before I was hunting in my mother's closet and discovered an awesome maxi dress that, I have to say, looks bangin' on me. And it's a small. And if you've seen my mother, you know me fitting into her clothes is an epic achievement. I just love me a maxi dress---it's like a nightgown, but you look like you're trying.

  • Dress from My Mother's Closet (I enjoy the sexy classy cleavage.)
  • Lace Cardigan by Miss Chievous 
  • Flats by Coach
  • Necklace by Forever 21

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